Flemming Tvede Hansen. Samarbejdspartnere: CITA: Centre for Information Technology and Architecture, Kunstakademiet Arkitektskole (Martin Tamke, Esben Clausen Nørgaard, Henrik Leander Evers)

The Biennale is an exhibition and a competition taking stock of Danish crafts and design today. During fall 2016 all professionals within the crafts and design field were able to submit an application, making the Biennale a platform for both established as well as new talents. The application procedure is electronic and affords applicants the opportunity of submitting sketches of their planned projects.

27 project have been selected for the exhibition.  This year all 27 projects compete for the 100.000 kr. Biennale Award. The prize has been kindly donated by the Grosserer L.F. Foghts Foundation.

Theme: Liquid life

5-27 May 2017

Adress: Museumsbygningen, Kastelsvej 18, 2100 København Ø