Projects 2015

28 projects have been selected for the Biennale exhibition, which will take place in Carlsberg Byen from 1 to 29 August 2015.

  • At First Sight

    Sarah Oakman

  • Being in seven minds

    Sanne Ransby og Mariko Wada

  • Both Sides Now

    Ida Wieth

  • Business Sky

    Ane Henriksen

  • Coh&Co bicycle

    Poul Harder Cohen and Mette Walsted

  • Connecting Childhood

    Mette Maya Gregersen og Annemette Beck

  • Connections

    Lone Bedsted

  • Cross Roads

    Vibeke Rohland

  • I’m sitting in a Room

    Marie-Louise Kristensen

  • It is not the pig’s fault

    Inger Heebøll

  • Lamps

    Lisbeth Friis & Uffe Black Nielsen

  • Let the Cars Get Their Colours Back

    Anne Mette Larseb

  • My Disease in Disguise

    Birgitte Christens

  • No title

    Søren Thygesen

  • Red is the heart

    Jørgen Hansen & Bent Vinkler

  • she

    VERSUS: Ane Fabricius Christiansen, Lea Mi Engholm, Mariko Wada, Camille Rishøj Nielsen og Sissel Wathne

  • Silence

    Vinni Hedegaard Frederiksen

  • Sprue for Two – DIY

    Theis Lorenzen

  • Stacking

    Jane Holmberg Andersen

  • Tableau of memories

    Josefine Rønsholt Smith, Aske Rif Torbensen and Mette Saabye

  • Textile veneer

    Else-Rikke Bruun

  • The Choice of Change

    Mette Maya Gregersen, Annemette Beck

  • The four temperaments

    Helene Vonsild

  • Things Change

    Maria Bang Espersen

  • Trellis

    Åsa Alm

  • Twisted #2

    Lea Mi Engholm

  • Variations on a theme

    Per Sax Møller

  • Web, not Waste

    Iben Høj