Both Sides Now

Ida Wieth

In her Both Sides Now series of works, Ida Wieth combines the artistically poetical with the tangible knowledge of materials and techniques of the artisan. Together, the combination of glass, wood and ceramic elements results in a highly expressive and emotional manifestation.

“I relate to the composite and eclectic elements within things – how there is always another side, and how this can come across differently depending on preconception, perspective and sensory perception.” – Ida Wieth

Glass elements are re-shaped, re-melted and re-constructed with new ceramic and wood materials. The resulting objects are built up in layers, with the newly added materials acting as reflections of the shape of the glass.

The objects consist of blown and stretched glass rods with added metal oxides. These rods have then been twined together with thin copper wire and melted together again. The wire used is always the same, appearing both in its fired and unfired, clear form. This use of both forms emphases the variability of the processing and combined materials and perspectives produced within the entwined materials.

Materials: glass, ceramic, wood, copper wire

Nominated for the Biennale Award 2015