The Choice of Change

Mette Maya Gregersen, Annemette Beck

The Choice of Change is an installation that stands as a co-ordinated combination of wire netting and porcelain rings that exists in its own artistic borderland. Delicate hybrids of lines are stretched and structured through the choice of materials used and the process of repetition, yet these nevertheless remain free in their form.

Textile designer Annemette Beck and ceramic artist Mette Maya Gregersen explore relationships, connections, direction and generation of meaning – both as a reflection of our social structures as well as a reflection of our mental processes.

“We are constantly moving within an profusion of relations, and we are forced to relate to the connections that arise. At each crossroads, there are new opportunities that can make us change both direction and our minds. These diversions or shortcuts are also reflected in our mental structure.” – Annemette Beck and Mette Maya Gregersen.

The metal wires move systematically towards integration, but are split constantly to create new formations. The porcelain rings represent restoration and recreation.