The biennale award

The Biennale Award is a major recognition of Danish craft and design with a prize sum of DKK 100,000

All Biennale exhibitors are basically nominated for the Biennale Award. The award recipients are revealed on the Biennale’s opening day and selected by an award committee.

The prize is awarded to one of the Biennale exhibitors who are awarded for one or more works. Emphasis is placed on awarding works that contain innovative thinking in terms of form, high qua- lity and conceptual impact.


Award recipient: Wang & Söderström.
Nominees: Astrid Skibsted & Michelle Yi Martin og Tideland Studio.
Prize committee: Majken Overgaard, curator, Mikkel Hammer Elming, museum director of Glas, and Kristine Tillge Lund, ceramist.


Majken Overgaard (she/her) curates interdisciplinary collaborations between art and technology. In collaboration with Rune Brink and Christian Villum, she founded the collective Korridor, which is dedicated to exploring possibilities within digital art online. In addition to her role as a curator, Overgaard is a dedicated teacher and has worked at both the IT University in Copenhagen and the University of Copenhagen, as well as as former head of Catch - Center for Art, Technology and Design, where she focused on creating strategic partnerships across of higher education and the artistic environment.

Mikkel Hammer Elming is the director of Glas, which is among the most important museums of glass art in the world. He holds an MA. in art history with a specialization in curating contemporary art. He is co-creator and former director of Foreningen for Samtidskunst and the art gallery Regelbau 411. In parallel, he has pursued an independent curatorial practice and has been affiliated with Kunsthal Aarhus as a permanent curator.

Kristine Tillge Lund is a practicing artisan with workshop in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. She graduated from the Design School on Bornholm and subsequently completed a Master of Arts degree at the Royal College of Art. Tillge has been a co-founder of two galleries in Copenhagen and has also initiated and co-organized various exhibitions over the years. In addition, she teaches in short-term courses at the Danish Design School and serves as an examiner for bachelor's and master's degree programs.



Award recipient: Helle Vibeke Jensen
Nominees: Helen Clara Hemsley and Dorte Østergaard Jacobsen
Prize committee: Mads Quistgaard, CEO Urgent Agency, Jane Sandberg, Museum director Enigma, Maria Sparre-Petersen, glass designer, study lecturer at KADK, MFA, Ph.d.


Award recipient: textile designer Bess Kristoffersen, precious metal shaper Katrine Borup, precious metal shaper Pernille Mouritzen
Nominees: ceramicist Sarah Oakman & glass shaper Maj-Britt Zelmer Olsen and textile designer Charlotte Østergaard
Prize committee: museum inspector Pernille Stockmarr, ceramicist Peder Rasmussen and senior lecturer Christina Zetterlund


Textile designer Lotte Myrthue
Prize committee: gallery owner Banja Rathnov, ceramicist Steen Ipsen and museum inspector Christian Holmsted Olesen


Ceramicist Søren Thygesen
Prize committee: gallery owner Maria Foerlev, ceramicist Gurli Elbækgaard and head of research Lars Dybdahl


Textile artist Anne Fabricius Møller
Jewelery designers Josephine Winther and Gitte Nygaard
Prize committee: art critic Trine Ross, curator Lars Sture and director of Charlottenborg Kunsthal Jacob Fabricius


Weaver Anne Mette Larsen
Prize committee: ceramicist Louise Hindsgavl, curator and art critic Love Jönsson, jewelery artist Sigurd Bronger


Architects Nils Toft & Henrik Jeppesen
Textile designer Maria Kirk Mikkelsen, Jewelery designer Katrine Borup
Prize committee: Museum director Britta Tøndborg, ceramist Mark Lauberg and ceramist Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl


Komplot Design – Boris Berlin and Poul Christiansen
Precious metal designer Karen Fly Melander
Prize committee: head of research Lars Dybdahl, designer Ole Jensen, art historian Mette Strømgaard Dalby and textile designer Dorte Østergaard Jakobsen


Ceramicist Louise Hindsgavl
Goldsmith Mette Saabye
Prize committee: architect Karen Kjærgaard, museum inspector Trine Ahrens Holst, textile designer Dorte Østergaard Jakobsen


Jewelery designer Camilla Prasch
Ceramicist Anders Ruhwald
Prize committee: Clothing designer Alet Pilon, museum inspector Henrik Most, textile designer Kirsten Trojel Fribert


Textile designer Johnna Sølvsteen Bak
Ceramicist Anne Tophøj & Jobim Jochimsen


Textile designer Johnna Sølvsteen Bak
Ceramicist Anne Tophøj & Jobim Jochimsen


Textile designer Anne Fabricius Møller
Ceramicist Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt
Textile designer Grethe Wittrock and clothing designer Ann Schmidt Christensen