Exhibit at the Biennale for Crafts & Design 2025

The Danish Crafts & Designers Association is seeking works that showcase the latest trends for the Biennale for Crafts & Design 2025 at Glas - The Museum of Glass Art.

This time, the Open Call has no specific theme. Instead, the Biennale aims to take the pulse of crafts and design in 2025 with the curatorial collective Ukurant at Glas - The Museum of Glass Art.

Danish craftsmanship and design are world-class. We are known for quality, craftsmanship, sustainability, and unique handmade products, which stand in contrast to contemporary overconsumption and mass production.

A world with material scarcity and overconsumption calls for practitioners with a unique ability to create objects of high aesthetic value and craftsmanship precision. Aesthetic objects that captivate with materiality, surfaces, form, and sensuality.

Now it’s about celebrating the slow and meticulous processes of craftsmanship that produce complete and durable works.

In 2025, the Biennale celebrates its 30th anniversary. The anniversary marks a strong tradition, while the Biennale's vision is to lead the way and point to the future.

The anniversary is the perfect occasion to show that Danish craftsmanship and design are strongly rooted in materiality, design, and super-objects that can help care for a world that is broken.

Exhibition Period

October 9, 2025 - February 22, 2026


The Biennale 2025 collaborates with the curatorial collective Ukurant. The group offers a youthful perspective on a forward-looking framework for the exhibition. Ukurant has already won great recognition and, not least, awards for their refreshing and different take on presenting contemporary crafts and design. Josefine Krabbe Munck, Kamma Rosa Schytte, Kasper Kyster, and Lærke Ryom are well-versed in curating, organizing, and executing strong exhibition concepts with broad appeal in both the industry and the press.

To ensure fair voting, applications for the Open Call will be anonymized through a new application module. This ensures that the exhibitors for 2025 are selected solely based on their submitted works and not on their name, gender, ethnicity, or background.

Who Can Apply?

All professional Danish practitioners within the field of crafts and design, including architecture, applied art, functional art, collectible design, and material-based art.

Practitioners residing in Denmark, including the Danish realm, Danish practitioners residing abroad, or practitioners with a strong connection to Denmark, e.g., through education.

Groups with at least one Danish resident participant can apply to participate in the Biennial.

Application Conditions 

All applications must be submitted via the Open Call system, which opens on September 9, 2024 and has a deadline of October 7, 2024.

Each exhibition project receives an exhibition fee of DKK 2.000

It is not possible to apply with projects created in connection with education. Students can apply to the Biennale with an independent project.

Submitted works must be produced no earlier than 2024.

It is only possible to apply with your own works/projects.It is possible to apply with sketches. It must be clearly stated in the application if it is a sketch project.

The submitted works must not have been exhibited previously but can be a further development of older projects.