Storage of movement

Amalie Vöge Jensen

Amalie Vöge Jensen

Ceramic Artist


Storage of Movement

Glazed stoneware. Modeled. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

Storage of Movement is a series of ceramic sculptures that works with the body's movements in a kitchen. I have been interested in small moments in everyday life where the body grasps objects, such as when I take a coffee cup off the kitchen shelf or put a plastic container in place in the corner cupboard. With the theme of the exhibition, the project aims to reflect not only on the relationship between body and object, but also the relationship between our bodies and the digital world where our movements are preserved.


Ceramics, glaze, abstract, sculpture, body, hand, sensuality, boundaries, everyday objects, materiality, plastic, wax, blue, AI, computer animation, metaverse, artificial, phenomenology, screen light, digital media.