Distortion and Imagination

Astrid Skibsted Holm & Michelle Yi Martin

Astrid Skibsted

Weaver and Textile Designer




Michelle Yi Martin

Multi-disciplinary Artist



Distortion and Imagination - An Interaction of Light and Color In The Act of Weaving

Various synthetic and natural fibers. Multi layers installation woven textiles exploring the handwoven process in digital and analog interactions. 2023.


Exhibitor’s text

A virtual weaving studio connecting Aarhus and San Francisco exclusively by digital tools and human imagination. Fiber artists Michelle Yi (US) and Astrid Skibsted (DK) have translated their collaboration into an improvised installation of textiles, color, movement, and light. A hybrid weaving style, Light and Distortion weavings, emerged in the process. They are exploring the distorted aesthetics of the digital realm and the hidden wisdom of the handwoven.


“What counts is vision-seeing ‘schauen’ - seeing with fantasy and with the imagination.” - Josef Albers, Interaction of Color


Weaving, interaction, reflection, distortion, analogue, digital print, relativity, color, blue, yellow, imagination, distance, Aarhus, San Francisco, collaboration, leno weave, plain weave, seeing, handwoven, light weaving.