Pattern Scratches

Bitten Hegelund

Bitten Hegelund

Textile Designer and Fabric Printer


Pattern Scratches

BLUE_1. Digital print on cotton canvas. 2023.

BROWN_1. Digital print on cotton canvas. 2023.

BLUE_BROWN. Digital print on cotton canvas. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

In a pattern progression scratched with a spatula, I explore how composition, shifts, proportions, repetitions, and color can visually affect and transform the (textile) surface.

Perhaps NFT technology can provide me with new approaches to artistic and aesthetic considerations, such as pattern formation and perception - physical artwork versus the immaterial crypto-artwork that can be shared, experienced, and used in new contexts, such as digital patterns on a highway billboard or simply as a break pattern in the cafeteria.


Textile, fabric printing, digital print, cotton, colors, pattern, composition, shifts, pattern formation, pattern repeat, repetition, infinity, proportion, progression, perception, etc.