Cæcilie Parfelt Vengberg & Rita Biza

Cæcilie Parfelt Vengberg

Textile Designer MA


Rita Blue Biza




Plant-colored textiles, glass ball, digital sound, video work. 

Plants: goldenrod/Solidago, tansy (gold button)/Tanacetum vulgare, indigo/Indigofera tinctoria, common reed/Phragmites australis, rose madder/Rubia tinctorum. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

PLANTETARIUM is a sensory space where plants tell their stories through color, movement, and sound. Plants are constantly communicating, with their surroundings, each other, and perhaps with us. Through digital tools and plant dyeing, the language of plants becomes clear on the tent fabric, where video and sound are projected. The work is intended as an experience and a meditation on the connection between plant and human. A place where the viewer can immerse themselves in sensory impressions.


Tent, colors, plant dyeing, plants, ritual, intention, connection, photography, meditation, wood, light, video, sound, collection, music.