Between 2 worlds: Unreal Reality

Carl Johan Jacobsen

Carl Johan Jacobsen



Between 2 worlds: Unreal Reality

Anodized aluminum, steel, acrylic, gas spring, printed cardboard, book in a DVD case. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

In our devices exist an unlimited stream of thought, of expression leaving an impression. 

Between 2 worlds presents two short stories about two worlds bound in aesthetics shaped by their respective digital interference and how it manifests.

Two chairs represent our two main characters, trapped in each end of the algorithm.

The title Between 2 worlds refers to our inner dicthotomy, the endless choices we are presented with and the yearning of the opposite. 

Unreal Reality refers to the strangeness of modern life, along with its superficialities, the flatness, it's all aesthetics anyways.


Dichotomy, algorithm, delulu, world-building, unreal-engine, shape-langue, vision, visual, virtual, virtue, vex, vibrant, vice, vulnerable, anastylosis, anxious, aesthetical, austere, abandoned, artificial.