Esben Shackenda Kaldahl

Esben Schakenda Kaldahl

Ceramic Artist


Three works under the series name Artifacts

Moon River, Comb of the Silver Matron

Stoneware, aluminum, moonstone. 2023.

Geluk the quatrefoiled Cinquedea

Stoneware and bronze. 2023. 

The Final Whisper

Stoneware. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

"Artifacts" stems from a passionate relationship with video games. A strong thrill of embarking on adventures in digital worlds and uncovering rare treasures. The collectible is the core of the games and the motivation to keep playing late into the night. 

Like another manic porcelain collector, I go to the internet black markets and exchange money from my newspaper delivery job for digital gold coins. Always hungry for more, a magical hat, an enchanted ring.


Magic, artifact, ceramics, gem, weapon, collecting obsession, rare, treasure, mythology, silver, moonlight, four-leaf clover, video games, epic, legendary, museum piece, antique, repetition, all-nighter, creature.