Double Down 2.0

Ida Wieth

Ida Wieth

Artist (Master of Fine Art, glass) 


Glass, iron oxides, iron. Audio.

Mouth-blown glass elements with iron oxides. Welded iron construction.

The sound recordings is a total of 24 hours combined and layered. Recorded over a duration of 24 days, one hour at different times of the day, captures different stages and intensities of the forest's presence. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

A conversion of the work Double Down, exhibited in Deep Forest Art Land (2021-22).

Double Down 2.0 is accompanied by audio recordings from the forest, establishing a

connection and merging between the work's provenance and current habitat.

The sound becomes a kind of hyper-nature that speaks to us with an increasingly insistent voice. A kind of metaphorical meaning of Double Down, that with enhanced force, contributes to reflections on what nature subtly communicates when "we don't listen".


Art installation, glass, iron, transparent, floating, texture, merging, mirroring, strength, fragility, tradition, innovation, optical, echo, nature, sound, urban, circular, lens, silhouette, lines.