Look but do not touch

Jamie Wallace & Metha Stuart Wallace

Jamie Wallace

Visual Artist


Metha Stuart Wallace

Ceramic Designer



Look but do not touch

Glazed ceramic stoneware assemblages and oil on cotton hanging. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

Digital machines look at the world through the techniques of 'edge detection'. Their algorithms make sense of everyday objects such as plates and cups by analyzing pixels rather than by eating and drinking from them. Digital machines live in a more challenging world where edges aren't always what they seem but are formed by shadows, highlights and background effects. This work interprets tableware through the 'edge detection' eyes of digital machines and gives us a view of the world they inhabit.


Edge detection, machine vision, digital vision, assemblage, tableware, plates, cups, jugs, ceramic, glaze, still life, drawing, eating, drinking, shadows, anomalies, handmade, stoneware, oil paint, press moulded.