Your colour, I wish

Justyna Poplawska

Justyna Poplawska



Your colour, I wishComposite of recycled glass, glass, bio-epoxy resin pigments. Casting. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text
With this project I wish to explore the tension between the painterly nature of its surface, soaked in staines of colour and the solidity of form. Serving as a table, the piece acts as a multidimensional canvas where the self-created, recycled glass and resin material is treated almost like a painting medium. The object plays with the themes of material perception and imitation while the conversion shares the scattered glimpses of the ephemeral process behind.

Table, recycled glass, powder, resin, colour, pigment, casting, layers, poetic, painterly, ephemeral solid, material driven, perception, intuitive, abstract, design, sketches, texture, functional.