The Janus Project

Karen Harsbo

Karen Harsbo

Ceramic Artist


Janus Arise

Janus Flow


Recycled clay, fired with glaze to stoneware. 3D printed from scanned portraits modified in 3D modeling. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

Two of the sculptures refer to the Roman figure Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions, who has his gaze directed towards both the past and the future. Here, he is manifested as a ceramic sculpture, a medium rooted in a rich cultural history but produced using the technology of the future, 3D printing.

The two mycelie sculptures, titled Entangled 1 and 2, explore the interconnectedness of life cycles for humans and, in a broader perspective, all living organisms. They highlight the delicate balances and interdependencies that exist, emphasizing the intricate web of relationships between them.


Clay, materiality, ceramics, entanglement, past, future, 3D printing, scanning, portrait, bust, stoneware, collective thinking, interconnectedness, interdependence, recycled clay, life cycles, digital, sculpture, the god Janus.