Kristine Mandsberg

Kristine Mandsberg

Textile Designer




Polystyrene, putty, paint, flock fibers. 2023.

Digitally 3D drawn forms. Used in both the physical and digital work.

The 3D forms are cut out of polystyrene. The shapes are puttied, painted, and surface-treated with flock fibers.

Digital work: Marcell Birk, 3D animator and motion graphic designer

Exhibitor’s text


My digital ORBS are perfect! They float weightlessly and transform silently.

Form, color and surface are completely flawless, and the sensuality is overwhelming.

I can almost touch them.

I've conducted hundreds of experiments, trying to perfect shape, surface, and colors.

When I solve one problem, a new one arises!

I am finally ready to flock the physical ORBS. I only have one attempt. I hope it succeeds!

I'm battling against gravity, time, scale and temperature.

My ORBS are finished. You can touch them, walk around them, and lift them. They lie there, completely still. They are not perfect...

The works are supported by Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond


Soft, organic, surface, flock fibers, transformation, outer space, orbs, colors, texture, sensory, gravity, 3D, float, collision, reality, time, scale, physical, digital, perfect.