Walking Stone

Lene Bødker

Lene Bødker

Glass Artist



Walking Stone II

Glass, cire perdue/lost wax casting, chiseled. 2023.

Walking Stone III

Glass, cire perdue/lost wax casting. 2023.


Glass, cire perdue/lost wax casting, chiseled. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

Walking Stone explores the pervasive life force of nature that permeates everything, even seemingly lifeless materials like stones.

From liquid lava to the finest mountain crystal, everything in nature undergoes transformation and follows a cycle. My works are inspired by this natural law. They strive to capture a sense of movement and direction—a world where human senses must yield immediately, but where imagination can keep pace.


Nature, transformation, cycle, senses, space, raw materials, evolution, glass, blank, matte, sensory, object, sculpture, glass sculpture, contemporary glass art, lost wax casting.