Windows of Vision

Lisbet Thorborg Andersen

Lisbet Thorborg Andersen

Ceramic Designer


Windows of Vision

Sand-cast porcelain. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

The artwork Windows of Vision explores human cognition and its impact on the world.

By excavating cavities in sand, I perform a kind of reverse archaeology, where something unknown emerges through my hands. The casting of my excavation reveals artifacts that point towards the future. 

Inspired by Rorschach inkblot tests, the figures speak to the unconscious and seek to provoke new interpretations of the world. 

The viewer is invited to give life to the sculptures in a digital realm beyond the exhibition space.

Scan -place - post

Download the Metascan app and make a 3D scan of one of the figures. Using the AR View feature, you can now take the figure with you outside the exhibition. Place it wherever you want in a photograph of your surroundings and share on social media under #windowsofvision.


Sand casting, porcelain, sculpture, archaeology, reverse, excavation, Rorschach, symmetry, utopia, vision, mind, future, transformation, abstraction, association, cognition, consciousness, audience engagement, 3D scanning, app.