A physical portrait of a digital human

Lise Bjerre Schmidt

Lise Bjerre Schmidt


Text: Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen

Writer and migration researcher


A physical portrait of a digital human

Light installation and text. 6477 g. paper with misprint in 4 colors, 12 glass tubes with light, 18 glue sticks, 36 m. wire, 7 pieces of steam-bent ash wood, string, 14 printed plastic parts, crumpled plastic, tape, photo filters. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

You are built and move in patterns. 

The patterns and movements determine the code of your mass, connected to a single physical point. But hey! Now you're splitting - you're not one, but two. One physical and one digital body. It's still your body - but now you're built from either characters or flesh. 

Your data body is cataloged and as you move, fragments of your digital double are left behind. 

But will you recognize them when you meet yourself again?


Registration, biometrics, information systems, data bodies, human-computer interactions, SoMe (Social Media), digital rights, #righttobeforgotten, data loss, EU AI Act, data portraits, sediments, topography, migration, border control, system errors.

Thanks to Paper Poet AKA Helle Vibeke Jensen.