The Caretakers

Maria Koshenkova

Maria Koshenkova

Glass Artist


The Caretakers

Sculpture. Glass and recycled metal. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

These works were conceived during a personal crisis. 

My teenage son was diagnosed with a mental illness, while my native country, Russia attacked Ukraine.

The Caretakers tells this story through fragile, exposed, vulnerable intestine like glass shapes that are clinging to life on twisted recycled metal support structures. 

My intentions are to turn violent life conditions into positive poetry. The dialectic of tenderness and violence is a constant in my work.

The glass represents the human part – vulnerable, exposed and disabled - while the metal is a caregiver that keeps you moving.  


Beauty, violence, repare, magic, poetic, intensity, sensation, transformation, movement, vital, violence, collapse, vulnerability, cripple, corporeal, flesh, ambivalence, emotional, sensation, crisis.