Ripples in the Water

Berthe Forchhammer & Miriam Brostrøm

Berthe Forchhammer



Miriam Brostrøm



Ringe i vandet (Ripples in the Water)

Linen and paper. The artwork is presented as four panels hanging from the ceiling, collectively creating the sensation of Ringe i vandet. The piece can be viewed from both sides and experienced both from a distance and up close in detail. The unique weaving pattern is also a part of the artwork and is displayed together in an accordion album, akin to open-source code. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

The starting point for the artwork is the word Blockchain, which we have chosen to take quite literally. If we divide this word in two, we have two concepts that we use in weaving: pattern sections, referred to as pattern unit in weaving, and the longitudinal threads set up on a loom, known as a warp.

BLOCK = pattern unit

CHAIN = warp

The project's title, Ringe i vandet alludes to a movement that develops and grows, much like in a blockchain. Blockchain is our inspiration, and together with the desire to create ripples in the water, it is our contribution to The Biennale 2023.

Thanks to the Danish Art Workshops.


Hand weaving, craftsmanship, digital single-thread control, materials, linen, weaving pattern, ripples in the water, generation, tradition, loom, punch cards, kipper, embellishment, waves, weaving pattern, pixel, thread, partier, warp, weft.