Digital Seeds

Pernille Snedker Hansen

Pernille Snedker Hansen



In collaboration with Joel Parkes & The Internet Office

Digital Seeds

Magnolia wood, pewter, fluorite, agate, marbling pattern, acrylic paint, lacquer, 3D video art. Hand carved tree, metal cast, hand-marbling, 3D. 2023.  

Exhibitor’s text

Digital Seeds are three marbled wooden sculptures that are converted into living digital sculptures. The seeds are 'planted' in the digital world, in the form of NFTs. 

Here, the seeds will germinate, grow and transform in the digital world in a yearly cycle, under the influence of data from geolocation and weather in real-time.

By breaching the boundaries of our usual materials as craftspeople, we created a bridge between the tactile sensibility and beauty of the object and the creative opportunities afforded by digital tools and experiences.


3 seeds, smooth, organic, wooden sculptures, colorful, marbling pattern, metal inlay, crystal parts, transforming, morphing, growing, digital life, postcraft, digital sculpture.