Where does the cloud live?

Anna Søgaard & Pil Whitta

Anna Søgaard




Pil Whitta




Hvor bor skyen? (Where Does the Cloud Live?)

Douglas fir, pigmented linseed oil, varnish, assembly screws. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

Hvor bor skyen? (Where Does the Cloud Live?)

If my data lives in the cloud, then where does the cloud live? Our data doesn't just float in the sky. No, it travels at the speed of light through kilometers of cables under the ocean. It resides in enormous data centers in secret locations around the world, where rows upon rows of server racks store our digital lives. The cloud has a physical form, a physical home. Our digital lives leave a significant footprint on the planet.


Wood, structure, grid, system, spatial installation, boxes, storage, data, server rack, internet, ocean, undersea cables, cloud, light, sound, material, immaterial.