Homage to Making

Sally Xenia Christensen

Sally Xenia Christensen



Homage to Making

The Path

Glass. Motion tracking/stretched glass. 2023.

The Experience

Virtual Reality film. 360 degrees recording and 3D simulation of glassblowing. 2023.


The Object

Glass. Mould blown glass, motion tracking, CNC milling. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

Homage to Making is a trilogy exploring the analogue and the digital possibilities within glassmaking. Glassblowing is much like a choreography performed by the material and the maker. The Path represents the captured movement of the glass in physical form. The Experience allows you to get close to the process and the material in a surrealistic VR film. The Object is a physical reflection of the movements of the glass, co-designed with the CNC machine, whereby the outcome is a hybrid between the digital and analogue. 


Glass, path, motion tracking, analogue, digital, glassblowing, workshop, material, craft, surrealistic, sculpture, transparent, installation, tacit knowledge, 3D, hybrid, CNC, virtual-reality, liquid, solid, co-design.