Adas Algoritme

Susanne Hangaard

Susanne Hangaard



Adas algoritme I og II (Ada's Algorithm I and II)

Stoneware and aluminum. Digital 3D modeling and printing. 2023.

Exhibitor's text

Ada's Algorithm I and II consists of two transformed ceramic busts of Ada Lovelace (1815-1852). 

Lovelace wrote the first published algorithm at a time when the machine to process the algorithm did not yet exist. The algorithm Lovelace created was for calculating Bernoulli numbers. 

The 3D portraits are digitally modeled and subsequently transformed by Lovelace's algorithm. In other words, Ada Lovelace has been subjected to her own algorithm. 

The works refer to the fact that we are heading into a future where biology and software meet.


Ceramics, digital, printing, algorithm, bust, portrait, Ada Lovelace, Bernoulli numbers, 3D printing, female scientist, grasshopper, ceramic bust, biology, software, technology, science, parametric design, hybrid, mathematics, herstory.