Playing Whispers

Troels Flensted & Ragna Mouritzen

Troels Flensted



Ragna Mouritzen

Ceramic Artist


Hviskeleg (Playing Whispers)

3D-printed clay

Exhibitor’s text

This work explores the interpretations that arise in the digital processes of 3D-printing and 3D-scanning. It shows how life continually exists in the material and the process even when the maker's hand and intention have been removed from the making.

In a repeated conversion from immaterial to material we investigate how the shape is transformed solely by digital misunderstandings and the inherent will of the clay.

In the metaverse, the immaterial foundation for the physical prints exists.


Ceramics, clay, 3D printing, scanning, digital, physical, conversion, oval, repetitions, unpredictable, evolution, misinterpretations, exploratory, transformation, technology, process, gradual, file, tool, design.