Overprinted Spaces

Tronhjem Rømer

Tronhjem Rømer  

Trine Tronhjem and Liv Marie Rømer

Textile Designers



Overtrykte Rum (Overprinted Spaces)

Polyester and digital print. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

A spatial progression of one digitally printed textile web is formed by the physical boundary of the textile, its width, where the suspension creates a contrast between two spatial spirals and the two-dimensional progression that runs between them.

The pattern of the work breaks the traditional rapport of the print and through three-dimensional sketching creates an open composition that connects textile and space.

The overprint of the analog fabric print is explored in digital print on transparent textile in layers, creating spatial overprints.


Digital print, pattern, space, overprint, textile, transparency, color, light, three-dimensional, two-dimensional, immaterial, digital, analog, fabric printing, composition.