Twin Chair

Marie Ramsing

Marie Ramsing

Tvillingestolen (Twin Chair)

Ash wood. 2023.

Exhibitor’s text

Through the design of Tvillingestolen I have experimented with how I can incorporate artificial intelligence, specifically MidJourney, into my design practice. I fed MidJourney with the description: "A chair designed to question the future of AI in arts and crafts" and used its visual interpretation as the starting point for my design of Tvillingestolen. My goal has not been to translate the proposal 1:1 but rather to engage in a collaboration with artificial intelligence as a visual conversational partner.


Chair, wood, carpentry, AI, design, architecture, bench, visual conversation, CNC, artificial intelligence, MidJourney, twin, artificially intelligent design partner, new technologies, ash, artistic process, chair, future of AI in design, mirroring, translation, organic.

Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen’s Foundation.

Produced by Jonas Lyndby Jensen.